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Happiness Flow Productivity & Profits

Happiness Flow Productivity & Profits

I am still buzzing after watching this speech yesterday and I wanted to share it with everyone. Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley, a publishing company, shares the story of his company’s success at a conference in Calgary, Alberta. This is no typical success story and not a typical company.

This is the new model of success: one built on happiness, flow, gratitude and to adopt his firm’s foundational mantra “Awesomeness”!

You may never have heard of him but he was invited to speak among luminaries and business moguls such as Sir Richard Branson, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Stephen Covey, Tony Hsieh and several others. His speech was voted as the best of the entire event. He speaks about why “Happiness is the New Productivity”.

I share this with you to inspire you and encourage you to believe you could do the same with your company!

Here are his 10 Tips (and I’m paraphrasing) for how to master the state of flow and bring it to your company, your teams, your families, and the groups you lead.

  1.  Express Daily Gratitude and share it widely
  2.  Acknowledge the Positive & Celebrate – Create an Awesomeness Report
  3.  Profit Sharing with Employees
  4.  Spread Praise (Sweet Sugar Love Machine)
  5.  45/5 Rule – Work a 45-hour week and spend 5 hours of it learning something new
  6.  Weekly Sharing & Training
  7.  Group Meditation
  8.  Company Sponsored Fun
  9.  Positive Stamina
  10. Experiences & Connections



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  1. Ingrid

    Powerful video! thanks!


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