Coach Recommended Resources

Whether we work together or not, I’d love to share my personal recommendations for books, videos, programs, teachers, coaches, approaches/models, products and more (but mainly books) to help you on your journey of personal growth and evolution. Generally, these are wise souls who share wisdom and life lessons, authentically, with courage and heart.

Recommended Reading

Coach’s Reading List – over 50 personal and spiritual growth related books including books on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and more.

Personal Growth & Development Websites – Heart-Centered Self Leadership Coaching, Self-Regulation & Resilience Training, Whole Life / Whole Person Coaching, Inner Critic Coaching and more.

Optimize.Me – One of my online mentors, Brian Johnson, the creator of 100’s of Philosopher’s Notes, helping us gain more wisdom in less time. – a vast resource of books and programs by some of the best teachers in personal and spiritual growth

Mindfulness & Meditation – Free Online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course – highly recommended! – many of my clients have learned to meditate and maintained a practice using headspace. Offers a free trial. – learn about mindfulness and begin your mindfulness practice with 100’s of free exercises (some premium options also available).

Health & Wellness – explorations of alternative healing modalities and indigenous healing traditions. – pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing oriented approach to health care which encompasses body, mind, and spirit. – site of Dr. Rhonda Patrick, researching and translating the science of longevity and optimal health – helping cut through the noise and hype in the media.

Psychological Wellness

Human Givens Institute – a bio-psycho-social therapeutic approach to improving mental & emotional wellbeing, focusing on developing Human Needs & Inner Resources (Human Givens). Consider the free ebook as a starter.

ACT / The Happiness Trap – Acceptance & Commitment Training – combine Mindfulness with Core Values with Committed Action and you are creating a rich and meaningful life, and overcoming anxiety and depression in the process. (Instead of linking to a website all about the therapeutic approach, this one contains helpful videos and other incredible resources)

If you’re a coach…

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