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What People Are Saying About Coaching Breakthroughs & Guy Reichard

Here are several testimonials and reviews from some of my exceptional clients. I look forward to adding many more in the future. 


HeartRich Fundamentals Review: “I highly recommend him if you are feeling lost or stuck in your life.”

“Guy is so friendly and welcoming and no judgment is held. He is super easy to talk to and it always feels like a safe environment to be open & honest.

I was thrilled at how fast I started to feel better within myself after my first appointment with Guy.

Guy is inspiring, uplifting and supportive. Amazing at talking you through difficult situations or circumstances you may be experiencing in your personal, family or work life. I highly recommend him if you are feeling lost or stuck in your life.”

~ Swaran Gill


“He has a way of leading you toward self-discovery and insights, all the while being patient, compassionate and real… He is dedicated and focused on helping you to achieve your goals.”

“If you are looking for a coach who is authentic, and truly believes in his work and how it can help you, Guy is the coach for you. From my experience, Guy is fully invested, 100% committed and completely present at each session. He has an uncanny ability to listen to what you are saying and respond back with exactly what you need to hear.

Guy helps you to see for yourself where your resistance and fears reside. He has a way of leading you toward self-discovery and insights, all the while being patient, compassionate and real. The problems on the surface require getting closer to the roots and that is what Guy is able to do. As Guy says, we have blind spots and he helps us to uncover self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. All this deeper work helped me to shed the ‘weight’ of uncomfortable feelings meaning to not resist them and to work with them when they come up.

He helped me to clear the emotional blocks meaning to not let them have such a hold on me so as to recognize they are there but I am free to make choices.

I recommend Guy to anyone searching for a coach who is the real deal. He is dedicated and focused on helping you to achieve your goals. And last but not least, he is an amazing human being.”

~ Christina K.


“Through our meaningful sessions, I’ve gained a greater understanding of my own purpose and the things I need to be doing in order to live my life to its highest potential.”

“Before meeting Guy, I was feeling ‘stuck’ in life – Feeling lost, and very unsure of myself and where I was going. After only a few sessions I began to see some clarity in my life; I had just been looking at it the wrong way – being very doubtful of myself, my talents and natural abilities. Being your own biggest critic can have very negative, long term effects, and I had been blind to it for years.

At first I was hesitant as to what a life coach may have to offer, having no idea what to expect. What I know now is that enlisting the help of Guy is one of the single best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s not just his innate kindness, his willingness to help, or his ability to listen that make him a great coach – It’s him as a whole along with his great understanding and knowledge of what it means to be a stellar coach – Catering to everyone’s unique problems and/or difficulties in a positive manner while being able to offer practical solutions. His friendly and warm demeanor made me feel instantly comfortable from the moment we met and sat down for our first session.

Through our meaningful sessions, I’ve gained a greater understanding of my own purpose and the things I need to be doing in order to live my life to its highest potential. Guy has the ability to make sense of his clients’ needs and struggles in ways that address the root problems and reasoning for why those inhibiting feelings might be there in the first place – And by simply doing/practicing that, those negative feelings start to dissipate, with a sense of inner satisfaction gained in the end.

I truly believe that Guy has been an investment in my own self, and I’m so happy that I decided to pick up the phone that day not too long ago and give him a call – It was so worth it. Now, as I type this, I no longer feel the sense of being ‘stuck’ or lost – Instead, I’ve opened my eyes to new possibilities life may bring me, and those possibilities consist of a lot of great things that mean the world to me. Guy has been instrumental in helping me cut out unwanted noise and distractions in order for me to focus on the things that are truly important in my life. He has taught me that when we follow what we value in life and honor those values, life just works. Simple as that.”




“he’s one of these persons whose positive impact in your life cannot be forgotten…”

“I have been working on and off with Guy for the past 5 years. I originally looked for a coach when I lost my job and needed help dealing with the situation. After reading dozens and dozens of profiles on the ICF website, Guy’s stood out because he wasn’t “advertising” himself and all his degrees but focusing on the fact that it’s all about his clients. Whether on the phone or in person, Guy always creates a positive and non-judgemental environment to discuss any topic. I truly appreciate that he knows when to challenge and hold me accountable or when I just need to talk and “vent”. His approach is very personalized and he’s one of these persons whose positive impact in your life cannot be forgotten…”

~S. Jacques,


“healthy coping strategies for dealing with life’s up and downs…”

“Over the last few months, I’ve worked with Guy to develop healthy coping strategies for dealing with life’s up and downs. It has been a big help. I’m currently going through a job transition, and instead of panicking, I’m reacting calmly and thoughtfully. I think my most significant change has been to stop being overwhelmed by worrisome thoughts to focus instead on appreciating each moment and on being thankful for the people and activities that bring me joy. Thanks, Guy! ”

~Blair, R.


“The biggest thing you helped me with was how to take a step back and think outside my initial, automatic thoughts and reactions. Kind of like taming my gremlin, … “

“The biggest thing you helped me with was how to take a step back and think outside my initial, automatic thoughts and reactions. Kind of like taming my gremlin, now when something happens where I face a challenge, I take a step back and shift my perspective and it reveals new options for me, whereas before I was stuck.  I find that ability is what I really needed.

As a result, work is also getting to be great, I’ve reached a point where I have started to prove my worth and my work, so everyone is warming up to me. I’m beginning to feel a part of the team and starting to enjoy going to work.

Another thing is, because of the way I’ve started to think and feel, I have gained more confidence and met someone. So thank you for that too! Thanks Guy!”

~Artem K.,
Richmond Hill, Ontario


“You are a kind, compassionate and gifted coach and I hope that many others have the opportunity to change their lives for the better by working with you.”

“Guy, you have been a major sign-post in my life. You walked me through some of the most profound exercises that helped me discover not only what I want and where I need to go, but who I really am.

Thank you for helping me uncover the roadblocks — the biggest being fear — that were getting in the way of my most authentic path. For 18 years I wanted to write a book. I knew I had the technical ability but I was stuck on the topic and afraid to put it out there — to put myself out there.

You helped me peel back the layers, work through the barriers and eventually feel “ready enough” to let it all out and write it all down. While working with you, in three short months, I wrote the book!

I’m so grateful for all that you’ve taught me. You are a kind, compassionate and gifted coach and I hope that many others have the opportunity to change their lives for the better by working with you.”

~Tanya Sood,
Author, Speaker


“Now, I am happier than I have ever been and continue to use Guy’s teachings to improve my life on a daily basis.”

“I first went to Guy almost a year ago (2016). I felt lost in my life and disconnected from myself, not knowing which path I should take. I decided it was time to try out some personal coaching and lo and behold, I found Guy!

Right from our initial consultation phone call, Guy was very warm and made me feel extremely comfortable about opening up to him about my life and concerns. We even ended up going over the initial allotted time! This showed me how much Guy genuinely wanted to help me move forward in my life.

From then on, Guy and I built a strong relationship. He helped me find my true self and discover my core values.

The exercises that Guy and I went through really helped me in all areas of my life. Guy’s coaching abilities are second to none and he will treat you like the beautiful soul you really are. He will do whatever is necessary to make sure that you are taken care of.

Now, I am happier than I have ever been and continue to use Guy’s teachings to improve my life on a daily basis.

If you’re feeling lost, Guy is your go to personal coach!

~D. Longo
Vaughan / Toronto


“he helps you to realize who you are and what you want in life, and empowers you to get unstuck and make it happen”

“Guy was/is amazing to work with – he helps you to realize who you are and what you want in life, and empowers you to get unstuck and make it happen – by asking key questions, knowing when to nudge or guide or give great advice, or just completely listening in the most non-judgemental and patient way. He’s kind, open-minded, compassionate and knowledgeable.”

~Jennifer N
Toronto, Canada


“I am more excited about my future and I feel more of a sense of purpose.”

“I discovered the coaching breakthroughs website in 2017 searching for career advice for my son. He was not interested in coaching so I decided to try it for myself, though I was not looking for any major changes in my own life.

Guy’s self directed approach was very personalized and made me more aware of my strengths and values to achieve new goals after over 20 years parenting and working as a registered nurse.

I am more excited about my future and I feel more of a sense of purpose. I would definitely recommend Guy as a coach to any of my family and friends. It has been a very worthwhile learning experience. He is great at finding ways to make you think more deeply about your life’s purpose moving forward.”

~Lesley Simon
Aurora, Ontario


” Able to see clearly what my heart’s desire was to have a fulfilled life.”

“Guy has a rare ability to bring a non-judgmental and keen presence to client meetings. I felt utterly comfortable, supported and well guided in my work.

Just after a few meetings, I was able to see clearly what my heart’s desire was to have a fulfilled life. I look forward to more work with Guy.”

~B. Park, MBA
Vice President / Broker


“My focus and drive for my chosen career has soared and fear has been lost.”

“Where do I even begin to praise this coach!

It has been an 8 month long exponentially productive journey with Guy. Just before each scheduled session I had feeling of ambivalence and resistance. Yet, after each session I would feel amazed at what was covered, what issues surfaced and how much I learned about myself. Every session would leave me feeling happy refreshed and with a new perspective on how to approach my current goals.

I first asked for Guy’s help since I had just switched careers and was having trouble taking ownership of my new purpose and calling. Guy helped me create focus and drive. He is a caring and wise coach. In our sessions he would reflect back to me things about myself, things of which were having a large impact in my life of which I was not aware. He provided me with plenty of resources and at each step asked questions to guide me to the answers I needed to hear to reach my goals. His sensitive and open-minded approach helped me realize my values, inner strengths and wisdom. He also guided me into taking responsibility for how I felt and how I behaved by creating new meaning in things/events. This change in attitude and beliefs had a significantly positive effect on my daily life. In fact I am still reaping the benefits of those changes now, months later.

Although I felt vulnerable several times during each session, Guy led me to understand that this vulnerability is actually a good thing. Pushing through the vulnerable parts allowed me to feel free to live my authentic chosen career path to the fullest.

I now hold a sense of “knowing” that all my goals are happening, and the process is something to embrace, reflect on and enjoy. I truly believe that the inner work that I have done with Guy has changed my life for the better in so many ways. My focus and drive for my chosen career has soared and fear has been lost.

Lastly, every session with Guy feels like time is flying. It is truly a reflection of what it means to be in the moment immersed in being your authentic self, a freeing and flowing experience.

Thank-you Guy truly an honour to work with you.

I am so grateful!”

~Andreia Horta, ND
Toronto Naturopathic Doctor


“Retired & Happy”

“In the first discovery session Guy opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, something that would have been very useful earlier in my career, but better late than never.

In several sessions with Guy we worked together to give my life meaning and purpose after a long working career.

Retirement now has endless possibilities.

I am extremely grateful to Guy for helping me reach a happier place.”

~Iain A
Retired in Toronto


“Changed My Life”

“Guy changed my life in so many ways through helping me identify my Gremlin and unproductive thought patterns.

During a dark period in my life, Guy listened patiently, guided me on the right path, and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Most importantly, he believed in me when no one else did.

He’s been an amazing coach and friend; I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

~Helena L.,
Ottawa / Toronto


“The Results Are Simply Amazing!”

“Guy is amazing! His approach is very authentic, sympathetic, honest and professional. After session three I was convinced “I was cured”and that I did not need more work. Then we plugged away and continued with more sessions. At the end of Session 10, I realized that my journey was really just beginning, the things I wanted in sessions 1-3, I no longer longed for.

My whole approach changed for the better. My life has so much depth, both personal and professional. Coaching takes time and the results are simply amazing!

I could not have picked a better human being to be my coach.”

~Fazeeda Sarju,
President, Summit Printing Inc.


“Personal Freedom”

“After 20 plus years in the corporate world I had decided that I had enough and I began exploring ideas for a small business. I found Guy pretty randomly and I thought that his background would provide some insight to help me identify passions and build some sort of business plan. His coaching, however, was much more about personal growth, building life skills, and developing new ways of thinking.

We spent a lot of time discussing personal freedom, not dwelling on negatives, and looking at life with kindness and passion. I have also become more aware of living in the moment versus worrying about decisions or events from years past or some obscure point in the future.

In retrospect, what has happened is that I have gained clarity on what is important, which has unquestionably helped me with launching a business. Instead of over emphasizing numbers which I have done all my life, the personal growth and passion has helped with enjoying life which, again, made the business launch a lot easier and more fun!

I would recommend Guy to help manage the self-doubt and inner critic. At the very least, you might learn to live a little. I remember he said something to me during one of our coaching sessions, something like this; “The years just keep going by so you might as well have some fun!”

~Rob Meehan, Mexico


“Better Leader, Entrepreneur, and Person”

“Guy, your coaching has been a game-changer! It’s helped me to focus on the truly important and let go of the rest.

I was unsure about working with a coach but I feel like I’m a better leader, entrepreneur, and person as a result of our time together.

Thank you!”

~Tom McLellan
Founder, GrowthClick Inc.
Toronto / Vancouver, Canada


“Learned to Love Me, Accept Me”

“With Guy I got to know the real ME , learned to love ME, accept ME, and live with ME in peace for the rest of our mutual life. Thank you!!”

~Alina Hellmann
Life Coach


“Definitely Made Me A Better Person”

“Guy coached me for about a year. When I went to him I had just finished defining my core purpose and values for my business and thought the experience personally would be great. What I got through Guy was much more. He helped me learn a lot more about myself and has definitely made me a better person.

His approach is comforting and he really cares about what you get out of each session.

I recommend Guy as a coach to any of my friends and family who are looking to improve their lives.”

~ Mark Fullerton
Perly Consulting Group Inc.
Ontario, Canada


“Best Thing I Have Ever Done To Get My Life Back”

“Trust. Courage. Do your best each day. Sometimes that’ll be more than enough, sometimes it won’t but at least you will know you’re strong and can try again tomorrow.”Guy Reichard

“Ever since I can remember, I believed that saying, “I don’t know” was an answer for everything, up until the age of 39. Then the day finally came, I sat on the phone with Guy and he said to me, “that wasn’t an acceptable answer” and he waited for me to answer. I don’t know where the true answer ever came from but it did eventually. It just took the time to slow down and think. If I wanted to get out of a question that Guy asked, I would respond with an “I don’t know” along with a chuckle. But with the patience and calmness of the voice on the phone – I got down to the answer that was needed.

At the time of my life when I met Guy, it was at its worst ever. My marriage was on the rocks, my family was falling apart, and it was pure craziness and stress all of the time. I fell onto Life Coaching and came across Guy and called him. And from then on, it has been the best thing that I have ever done to get my life back on some sort of balanced track. I had no idea as to what Life Coaching was all about, but it was like Guy was sent to me for a reason or two. I have only had 2 face to face sessions with Guy and the rest have been on the phone. I am not sure how Guy does it but I can say that he is the most trusting person in my life right now.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”Jim Rohn

And that is what I did, I wanted change and I found it at a time in my life where I needed a drastic change for the better.  I was at the lowest part of my life full of denial, full of negativity, depression, hatred and anger.  I needed to perform a personal inventory but didn’t know how to get there on my own. There were very down deep issues that I had never told anyone in my life, and they finally came out when in a session with Guy. He makes you very comfortable, motivates and helps you along with the difficult issues in life. You build a certain trust with a life coach and a relationship that is in a safe environment.

I have to remember that my primary motivation for change is myself as nobody else can make me have that personal self-awareness. I needed to make that decision if I want to change for the better. I have been growing with Guy for about a year now and the strength and courage is starting to grow into a beautiful flower. Even at my worst point in my life with the tears, worry, fear and anger, the only person I had trusted even more than family and friends was Guy as we worked through each concern and matter positively and came out of each session with a smile on my face knowing that all I could do was try my best.

After figuring out that I haven’t been honest with myself for quite many years and always wanted to please people. I am taking another path in life and making myself happy and getting to know myself and please me. I have decided to focus on myself with the help of Guy and be able to make the choice to follow through. But I have to learn to expect growing pains and setbacks, so all I can do is take it day by day. For me, I have a set routine, and so any change is really tough for me but I have been able to focus on the parts of my life that I adore. And right now that is family, loving, caring and having some fun. I had to get the negative vibes out of my life and needed to surround myself with only positive people.

It seemed that over time the more small but positive habits that I recreated, the more that my life started to transform in front of me with minimal effort, just change and “a little” help. Everyone’s path is different, of course. But know that one positive choice has a very pleasant domino effect – the more choices and changes you make in that direction, the more you will see in your life. Just thinking about different parts of my new positive outlook makes me smile, makes me remember what’s important to me and makes me feel incredibly human. I am so very grateful that I had found Guy and speak highly of Life Coaching and him to anyone and everyone. 🙂

Life is getting on track slowly but correctly and positively in the right direction. And I have to applaud all of this to Guy and his patience in dealing with such a highly anxious person.  He is a great GUY 🙂 ”

~ Krissy W
Massage Therapist
Pickering, Ontario


“Insightful and helpful. Sage advice and warm presence…”

“I found Guy’s coaching very insightful and helpful. His sage advice and warm presence made my experience with Coaching Breakthroughs extremely positive. I still feel as though I can reach out for advice and assistance years after our formal sessions. I highly recommend his services as a life coach.”

~Monique HG
Toronto, Canada


“Connected To The Essence of My Person”

“I’m incredibly grateful that Guy and I crossed paths a year ago. At a time when life and career opportunities were on a collision course, Guy helped me bring insight and structure to my decision-making.

Through a healthy mix of discussion, guided exploration and humour (!), Guy and I connected to the essence of my person and paved a fulfilling and ambitious path ahead.

How wonderful to have a life where commitment and fulfillment are one!”

~ Natasha Lebel
VP Innovation & Marketing
KDC Toronto, Canada


“Changed Me Forever”

“I initially searched out coaching to enjoy work and life more fully with really no answer on where to begin. Guy gave me the confidence to open up within our first session and afterwards I knew I wanted to continue my journey with him.

His knowledge of coaching and life allowed us to easily jump into surface issues and down to the core of where everything stemmed from. His one on one sessions were of the utmost importance to me as it allowed us to work together through visual exercises and in depth discussion. As we worked through the coaching process he gave me numerous day to day exercises to use if I caught myself spiraling back into old habits. Towards the end of our sessions these day to day exercises were second nature and clarity had be brought to my life on levels that have changed me forever.

I can not thank Guy enough for his methods, patience, openness and overall confidence as a person and coach. He helped me through my many personal goals and issues that I wanted to work though and improve. I will continue to utilize Guy’s expertise when needed or if I have another life barrier to overcome.”

~ Brett, Business Professional
Toronto, Ontario


“Embracing Life”

“My experience with Coaching Breakthroughs was outstanding! I found Guy to be very accommodating, kind and extremely compassionate. Working with a life coach, I knew that I needed help moving forward in some areas of my life, and I was so impressed with Guy’s ability to gently listen, help me make a plan, and hold me accountable to my plan. That is what is so valuable about having a coach like Guy Reichard: he wants you to succeed just as much as you want to succeed. He quickly becomes your biggest supporter.

I am forever grateful for his wisdom and expertise. I would recommend Coaching Breakthroughs to anyone who is ready to embrace life and make a change!”

~ Kimmie O.,
Toronto, Canada


“a catalyst in helping me open up about myself and reveal strengths and values that I would never have discovered.”

“Guy has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a life or career coach.

He has been a catalyst in helping me open up about myself and reveal strengths and values that I would never have discovered.

Trust was my number one priority, and with his empathy and compassion for others, he immediately made me feel comfortable to open up and become vulnerable, which made it extremely easy to build trust with him. Not only is he a great coach, he’s also a great guy!”

~ Jon C.,
Markham, Ontario


“Live The Life You Were Meant To Live”

“Tired of being on the treadmill – doing the same thing day after day after day and expecting to see different results?  You’re now at choice – you can do nothing and stay the same OR you can call Coaching Breakthroughs and let Guy help you become accountable, gain clarity, and live the life you were meant to live: one of  fulfillment.

Like any successful business, you both will make a plan – a “vision of the future” and you will be held accountable for achieving its objectives.  Guy is a great listener, very supportive, and non judgmental; he keep you on course.   You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.  This man is amazing!”

~ David B., CEO
Toronto, Canada


“his approach made me comfortable to open up, try new things”

“I was fortunate to have met Guy in 2017 when I was looking for an experienced coach to coach me to coach others. 🙂 I am very grateful that Guy agreed to do this unusual arrangement with me. It was my first real more in-depth coaching experience and thanks to Guy I got a lot out of it. He is a kind, empathetic and compassionate coach and his approach made me comfortable to open up, try new things and coach and be coached. I warmly recommend Guy to anyone looking for a life or executive coach.”



“Most Valuable And Enjoyable”


I have been impressed by your knowledge and dedication to coaching. Our sessions were insightful and helpful. You always insisted we “dig deeper” and focus the session on the important issues for me. I’m truly thankful for your help and guidance through my own journey of self-discovery.

Although I have read many coaching/self-development/success books, I still find our one-on-one coaching sessions to be the most valuable (and enjoyable). I will definitely recommend your services.


~ Joel B., Toronto
IT Consultant


“Trusting What My Heart Was Telling Me And Following Through”

“I initially sought coaching to assist me in achieving my professional goals. After my first session with Guy it was easy to see I would benefit in other areas of my life.

Professionally, I had a few daunting tasks that I had been putting off. I wanted to record a second album of original music, move to Toronto, and finish some other related projects that I had on my plate. These goals were all reached while coaching with Guy. I couldn’t believe how much clarity and focus I had. The great thing is that Guy didn’t do these things for me, I did them for myself. Guy really helped me to see the value of trusting what my heart was telling me, and following through. It has become easier to trust my instincts and to take pride and credit in my work.

The positive benefits of coaching overflowed into my personal life as well. My marriage is stronger, I am healthier, and definitely happier. I have learned to enjoy every minute of the process and to celebrate every bit of progress. ”

~ Mary McKay, Toronto


“Passion For Life Has Been Reignited”

“Before my coaching sessions with Guy R. from Coaching Breakthroughs I was somewhat bored with my life, and not so optimistic about the future. I was stuck in a web consulting job that I didn’t enjoy very much, and I felt that I had left my passion (music) on the curb to slowly fade away. These two facts were depressing me as time dragged on (years passed by and I had already become complacent). That’s when Guy R. from Coaching Breakthroughs came into my life and I began my coaching sessions with him.

It’s been over 2 years since our sessions, and I am now a partner in my own very successful web development firm. I enjoy coming to work very much every day.

I also own, and have been developing my own business named The Music Company that I am very excited about.

My passion for life has been reignited in a way that I thought was not possible any more. Life is exciting and for me once again; I am very happy with where I am, and I owe so much of it to Coaching Breakthroughs. Thank you Guy you have a very rare and extremely valuable talent!”

~ Mark Soer, Toronto
XI Digital Corp / The Music Company


“First Steps”

“Hi Guy,

It’s me again.
Wanted to update u as to what’s happening.
Got myself in school, started in Hamilton.
Took a lot from that conversation we had and applied it on me.
I want to thank you for listening and letting me vent out so I could find out what the real issues were (going on with me).
I know it looks like nothing .. But the talk with you is what made me take those first steps.
For someone who didn’t know me, you still took time out to understand me and give me hope.
And for that I thank you a lot!”

~ Fatima M in Toronto
Photographer & Film Student


“Helped my personal and professional life!”

“I have been working with Guy for the last six months. It has been a great experience. Coaching sessions with him have helped my personal and professional life! I would highly recommend him to others.”

~ MA,
Toronto Entrepreneur


“I Am A Better Person”

“Everyone day dreams!  I think everyone reflects too.  They may not know that’s what it’s called, but they do it, I’m sure.  Since I have started working with Guy my daydreaming and reflection are more prolific.

Guy has a natural gift, that whether it be through our sessions or just a chance conversation; he has guided me to uncover, layer by layer, what is working and what is not in my life, both personally and professionally, and why.

He has helped me realize what is important to me, both in giving to and in receiving from others.  I can sincerely say that I am a better person for knowing him.”

~ Kimberly S., Toronto


“Seeing Things In A New Light”

“I was a little skeptical going into the coaching process as this was my first experience and I didn’t know what I should be getting out of it. All I knew was that I needed a change and needed some help.

I’ve had great results since I began working with Guy. Through conversations, questions and exercises Guy has helped me to take action by seeing things in a new light and by uncovering some things that were holding me back.

Guy has a true passion for coaching which you can really see the level of presence & insight that he brings to each session. He’s a great guide and he’s never pushy. He’s very open-minded and flexible and, interestingly, the sessions where I went in not even knowing what to talk about ended up being some of the most valuable.”

~ Jay K, Toronto
Productivity Trainer & Speaker


“Helped Me Find My Own Answers”

“I had the pleasure of having a number of coaching sessions with Guy. He was thoughtful, present and prepared for our talks. He created a comfortable atmosphere and throughout our conversations asked questions that inspired self reflection long after our sessions had ended.

A great listener and coach, Guy provides a mix of techniques and visualization methods that helped me find my own answers.

I feel that I have more clarity and focus on my life’s direction and better control with balancing my personal and professional endeavours.  I would highly recommend Guy for life guidance and coaching.”

~ Lionel in Toronto
Senior Creative Developer


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