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Why are you looking to hire a coach?

Let’s get straight to it – there must be at least one area of your life, or more, (personal, business, well-being, relationships, money, etc.) where you want to see a dramatic change for the better or you wouldn’t be looking for a life coach.

Here’s a powerful list of things you can gain from coaching:

  • discover your true self, be who you really are, live your truth
  • Know your life purpose & find a meaningful career path,
  • start a new business or improve an existing one,
  • improve, deepen, and enrich your relationships,
  • cultivate work/life balance and learn to manage your stress better,
  • create more inner peace, fulfillment, happiness & resilience,
  • raise self-esteem and build self-confidence,
  • improve your leadership skills & capacities
  • communicate more effectively, authentically and honestly with others,
  • uncover and overcome self-limiting beliefs, mindsets and behaviours that sabotage your life,
  • transform destructive and negative self-talk that causes stress, worry, anxiety, frustration & guilt into positive & constructive self-affirming ways of thinking and feeling, or;
  • simply to discover and learn to be your authentic self and experience the true power and freedom that comes from being true to your self.

If these resonate with you, interest you or even scare you, then consider looking at one of the following coaching options that speak to you:

Life Coach

A life coach for personal growth & self mastery with a strong focus on values, authenticity, purpose, mindfulness, resilience & positive strengths for creating a rich, fulfilling life.
Create Your Best Life

Personal Executive Coach

This is personal coaching for the executive / entrepreneur with a focus on fulfilling work, making an impact, how you influence & create positive change, values-based leadership, wellbeing & resilience.
Be a Resilient Leader

“… Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
~ Viktor Frankl

a road with a question mark in the sky - showing that you can and need to choose where you want to go in life

Welcome! I am Guy Reichard, a certified professional coach, and I invite you to explore this website to learn more about coaching, personal growth and the vision of working together to help you live into the best version of you, at home, at work, at play.

I go by various titles: certified executive coach, personal growth mentor, resilience trainer, and entrepreneur coach; and I work with a wide variety of unique, incredible people, with two main things in common:

  • their yearning to create a meaningful life with more authenticity, purpose, fulfillment and freedom – and;
  • their desire to work with an experienced, compassionate, and supportive guide to help them develop the best within themselves so they can create that meaningful life!

photo of life coach and personal executive coach Guy Reichard

Through deep and meaningful coaching conversations, impactful exercises, and courageous action in your life, I will help you create the life you’ve always wanted to live but didn’t realize or believe was possible for you and it’s also likely that you were getting in your own way.

As a seasoned coach with a lot of heart & presence, I help people create richer, more values-balanced and fulfilling lives. I embrace a holistic approach to coaching – working on all areas of a person’s life that require support and growth – mind, heart, emotions, spirit, relationships, career/purpose and leadership.

My purpose is to help as many people as I can to awaken to their true essence, and create lives with more authenticity, purpose, inner peace and possibilities.

My intention is to be a compassionate, challenging and nurturing catalyst of new breakthroughs, meaningful growth, and positive influence. Providing new perspective, pathways and tools to empower and sustain you as you create fulfillment & authentic happiness in your life.

I hope to meet you soon and look forward to a meaningful journey together!


“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” ~ Joseph Campbell


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What are Coaching Breakthroughs?

A breakthrough is what seems like a sudden shift in awareness – a new ‘knowing’ – a moment when everything that was once confusing, or hidden from consciousness, explodes into your awareness. You suddenly see yourself or your situation in a new light, and with that comes a sense of peace, excitement and a knowing that there are New Possibilities!

Breakthroughs happen when you open up to a new and more effective perspective – sometimes before you take action but often only after you take the action you had been resisting! Coaching helps you take more of those meaningful but difficult actions.

Personal growth breakthroughs bring many gifts, and coaching is a way to help you have more breakthrough shifts in your life, your work, and your relationships. Life and business coaching, as tools or pathways for your own personal development, also help you build the muscles of will, commitment and self accountability.

photo showing a wall broken through so you can get to the coaching breakthroughs ahead

How Coaching Can Help

With a life coach standing by your side, acknowledging your inherent value, potential and your strengths, and reminding you of your values & commitments, you will leverage your new insights and begin crafting your life in a way that is in better overall alignment.

Don’t know your highest vision or deepest values or your most fulfilling goals? Most people don’t, so let’s get started.

This kind of coaching isn’t about motivating, cheerleading you or pushing you to get things done, it’s about helping you strengthen your belief in yourself. Helping you overcome self-limiting and defeating beliefs, mindsets and behaviour patterns. It’s about building courage, facing your fears and embracing them as you go after what you truly want. It’s the only way you can live your best life and be who you were meant to be.

What Do My Clients Say?

“Personal Freedom”

“After 20 plus years in the corporate world I had decided that I had enough and I began exploring ideas for a small business…I have gained clarity on what is important, which has unquestionably helped me with launching a business. I would recommend Guy to help manage the self-doubt and inner critic. At the very least, you might learn to live a little…” Rob Meehan, Mexico Real Estate Entrepreneur

“Fear Has Been Lost”

“…I now hold a sense of “knowing” that all my goals are happening, and the process is something to embrace, reflect on and enjoy. I truly believe that the inner work that I have done with Guy has changed my life for the better in so many ways. My focus and drive for my chosen career has soared and fear has been lost…” Andreia Horta, Naturopathic Doctor Toronto, Canada

“Changed My Life”

“During a dark period in my life, Guy listened patiently, guided me on the right path, and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Most importantly, he believed in me when no one else did. He’s been an amazing coach and friend; I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.” Helena Liu, Consultant/Entrepreneur Toronto, Canada

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Ready to Take Action Now?

I’ve worked hard to prepare a site full of information to help you learn about coaching, personal growth, and what gets in the way… but if you want to skip all that and jump right into a coaching exploration session (a free consultation call to get to know each other and see if we’ll be a good fit to work together), then by all means, click the button to set one up.



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