Eckart Tolle on Life Purpose (Now)

If you’ve never heard of Eckhart Tolle, I am thrilled to introduce you to him through this incredible video.  This is an entire seminar where he teaches about present-moment awareness, the way to be truly alive. Eckhart has so much wisdom to share and it was one of his books, The Power of Now, that helped free me and save me from my own mind.

You will learn who you truly are beneath the story and stories of the mind and ultimately what your life purpose is all about. The reason why I share it here is because I see coaching as a shared journey, a deep and meaningful relationship that facilitates such awareness and being-ness in another person over time. I hope this will help those interested in experiencing less fear, stress, anxiety, pressure and suffering in their lives while increasing their levels of inner peace, contentment, connection with self and others, and more joy in life.

It’s about an hour and a half and if you don’t have time right now (you might find that line funny when you watch it), please bookmark this page and come back to it when you can.

I invite your comments and discussion below.

UPDATE 10-22-15: The video was recently removed – below is a condensed version. SoundsTrue is making it available for sale AND they’re also producing a course you can take breaking everything down into audio lectures, practice lessons, and a 2-hour video! Please check their site for information.

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