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Brene Brown: What We Can Learn From Vulnerability & Shame

Listening To Shame & The Power of Vulnerability

Two words that most people like to avoid. It makes us sickly uncomfortable just thinking about them: vulnerability and shame. I found the following TED talks so inspiring, touching and meaningful and wanted to share them because they deserve to be heard (or watched). I trust that my clients, and hopefully random visitors to my site, will stumble upon this and get as much out of these talks as I did.

We live in a harsh world and worse, we’re harsh to ourselves. If you find it hard to be authentic, to be your true self and to be true to yourself, you’re not alone. Let’s listen to shame and learn the antidote, empathy. Then, watch her first talk and learn the inherent power of vulnerability. It could change how you see yourself and others and let you feel a bit better about being you.

Please share your comments below and let us all know what, if any, impact these talks had on you.

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