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Life Coaching Packages – Structured Approaches / Programs


Coaching Breakthroughs offers a sliding scale / tiered pricing model. The packages and prices below are at the top end of the scale. There are several spaces in each tier. The lowest tier (the lowest pricing) is reserved for new grads, low income families, and people hit by hard times that need a compassionate break. When pricing your customized package, we will talk about your needs and we will do everything we can to make it accessible.


As mentioned on the life coach page, you are unique and your coaching journey should reflect that. But what if you have no clue where to start? You’d need some structure, guidance and direction to feel like working together would be right for you. Right?

Life Coaching Packages or ProgramAfter coaching many people over the years, there are some common themes or phases in peoples’ lives that stand out as fundamental turning points for positive change (like when you’re extremely stuck, when things feel like they’re falling apart or even a great new opportunity has finally come your way). That said, please read the life coaching page again to see all the areas that we can work on together, to find the issues or outcomes that resonate with you. Please don’t be limited by the packages below, they’re only possibilities to help you get a better sense of what your coaching journey could look like.

The following are only several Possible Packages or Themed Approaches based on where you may be at and the type of support it would take to help you get to where you want to be. Remember, we can and probably should personalize an approach just for you based on your unique qualities and situation but to help those who need a bit more to go on before setting up a Coaching Exploration call, these are for you.

Before I get into the possible structures/journeys we can take, let me share with you, in point form, the topics that most people end up wanting to learn regardless of what ‘package’ they choose (more on these on the life-coaching page:

Taming the Inner Critic & The Perfectionist

Meaning & Purpose in Work & Life

Truly Getting to Know Your Self (Selves)

Knowing What You Want & Committing to Go For It

Standing up for Yourself

Developing Assertiveness

Identifying & Breaking Bad Habits

Identifying & Replacing Limiting/False Beliefs

Identifying & Overcoming Your Fears & Defenses

Opening One’s Mind & Learning Perspective Shifting

Developing Mindfulness – Finding Calm – Inner Peace

Learning & Practicing Tools That Empower You

Building Resilience & Cultivating Courage

State/Self Management & Regulation

Cultivating Self Acceptance & Compassion

Taking Committed Action

Knowing Your Values & How to Guide Yourself from the Heart

Learning to Choose Love over Fear

Getting Past Anxiety &/or Depression (prior or current)

Relationship Issues (codependence)

Overcoming Procrastination & Other ways we block ourselves

Developing Strengths of Character & Will

Finding One’s Mojo Again (Soulfulness, Spirit)

Enhancing & Elevating One’s Consciousness (state of being)

Nurturing Positive Emotion, Hope & Optimism

Creating a Rich, Authentic & Fulfilling Life

Authentic Transformation – Finding Your Life Path

You’re wanting a major transformation in your life or of your life, you’re yearning for needed growth, and possible self reinvention. We’ll need to start on the inside and work our way out. We’ll be reconnecting you to your authentic self, tapping into your values, strengths, special gifts, and life purpose. Also, becoming aware and more in control of (or harmony with) your ego, inner critic, scared self, limited self, gremlin, saboteur. We must work on both our authentic self and false self for there to be lasting transformation and fulfilling forward movement.

Envisioning a life that you feel called to live, a special way of being you, untethered, more secure and confident, more free, more at ease and at peace. This is about awakening transformation, not claiming complete metamorphosis. That takes time, even a lifetime, but this will make for a positive and productive start that most people can’t do on their own. They need a supportive, caring, and experienced guide.

10-13 Coaching Sessions over 6 Months

Starting from longer and more intensive sessions in the beginning, down to about 1-hour sessions for the most part, and a longer one at the end to acknowledge your journey, your transformation, your wins, your learnings, and creating a supportive plan to keep moving forward.

Following some initial self discovery work, we will begin working together where you are, with who you are and will get clear on where you want to go. If you’re not sure, we’ll set on in a direction, even if the destination is unknown. Over time, you will get more clear, more connected, more certain, more trusting of your inner voice, and more wise with your choices each day.

Includes in between session email support/access, brief check in calls, 1 Premium Assessment, Life Purpose Guidebook, Inspirational Book.

Pricing? Approximately $3600+tax depending on our customized schedule & length of sessions – sign up for a Coaching Exploration call to find out more.

In Transition or A Change Is Coming

You’re in the midst of an important transition in one or more of the most important areas of your life and you feel you can’t or shouldn’t do it on your own. It’s either started or it’s about to, or you need help to kick it into gear because you’ve waited long enough and the effects of keeping things the same are draining you of all you’ve got.

You know what you want to change, perhaps you’re not sure on exactly why and you’re not even clear on how to change it. You know you don’t just want to repeat old patterns and you know intuitively or through previous work you’ve done, or lessons you’ve learned, that there is a more honorable, authentic and powerful way to step into your future – with dignity, integrity, courage, heart, love, purpose and faith.

I will help you resource yourself (read that as re- source, i.e. to fill up again) and get you connected to your best self, ready and excited to leave the past behind and say yes to a new future. I will also be there for you after the transition, should you want to continue working together, collaborating and co-creating your vision of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

7-9 Coaching Sessions Over 4 Months

Starting with some initial self discovery and reflection work, we’ll get clear on the transition at hand, where you want to go, why you want or need to do this and how you want to do it.

Over the course of our work, you will be supported, encouraged, and reminded of your best self, your values, and the most meaningful outcomes you want to create. You will learn new ways of thinking, perceiving and feeling that are more conducive to positive change. You will learn to let go of the past, so you can embrace the future, while finding peace in the present. You will get through this and be better for it.

Includes in between session email support/access, brief check in calls, 1 Premium Assessment, Life Purpose Guidebook.


Pricing? Approximately $2800+tax depending on our customized schedule & length of sessions- sign up for a Coaching Exploration call to find out more.

So Stuck It Hurts – Summoning Courage, Strength & Faith

Sometimes we get severely stuck – almost paralyzed and we can’t remember who we are or how we got here. We can’t remember what life was like when we were more free, or happy or even if we’ve ever been happy or content. Sometimes this comes after a major transition, a severe loss of some kind, or because we’ve denied ourselves the freedom to be who we are and move forward in life soulfully and freely. We’ve fed fear and negativity for far too long, we’ve been hurt or keep hurting ourselves, and we’re drained.

We need some light, some inspiration, some hope, some clarity, some support, some guidance, some acceptance of who we are the way we are, and we need to take some steps forward but we can’t get clear on what step, how to take it or even summon the courage to take it because we’re so full of doubt, shame, anger, resentment, or despair.

Perhaps (and hopefully) it’s not this bad for you but it’s possible and I’ve been there (more than once). This is not about complete transformation, making massive changes in direction or harsh, rash decisions, this is about coming back to home base and feeling a bit more like yourself again so you can then decide what you want to do and how you’d like to move forward in life.

7 Sessions over 2-3 Months

This is not exactly a coaching program but a structured support approach. It isn’t a replacement for therapy or counseling or healing but is something that can help you find the courage and strength to get yourself on a more positive path. You’ve been spinning your wheels and draining energy for who knows how long, so it’s time to get some of that energy and some hope back.

You will learn some positive practices for nurturing and renewing yourself, exercises in self care, self love, self acceptance, and be provided with direction on how to keep filling up and how to stop the drain. This is a primer on living a more mindful, heartful and soulful life and it’s just the beginning.

What you decide to do after that – start a coaching program, make a major transition, seek counseling, leave a relationship or the country, start living authentically, with more hope, positivity, optimism, faith, will be up to you. But for now, you just need some kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, positive support to help you undo the effects of prolonged stuckness.

Pricing? $2800+tax depending on our customized schedule –  sign up for a Coaching Exploration call to find out more.

One Foot In

How do you know if you’re choosing the right coach for you? It’s hard to make a commitment to something you’re not sure is going to help you. You may also have a sneaking suspicion that it’s you, not your potential coach, that may be the problem – because you know it’s your job to do the work in your life not your coach’s and you fear you might procrastinate and just end up where you started.If that’s the case, let’s not look at or consider a long term approach just yet.

For the doubtful, the skeptic, the resistant and avoidant – One Foot In – is the smallest starter package I dare offer. It’s only 3 sessions and there is no obligation to continue after that if you don’t feel absolutely sure that I’m the coach for you but I do assure you it will be packed full of value.

At the very least, we’ll be able to cover some really significant & valuable steps together:

  • What’s working & what’s not in 8 essential life areas to give you a better perspective on your life,
  • A brief dive into your values so you have a sense of clarity about where to put your focus & energy
  • A brief dive into your essential needs & what may be causing you stress, pain, adversity, overwhelm & burnout (anxiety & depression as well)
  • Meaningful goal setting you can choose to achieve on your own or with my support and guidance as your coach

3 Sessions over 4-6 Weeks

Pricing? $1500+tax –  sign up for a Coaching Exploration call to find out more.

What Now?

If one of these approaches resonates with you and feels right for you, and you’ve read the life coaching page and the pages in the What is Coaching section, and you’re still interested in a consultation session with me (I acknowledge you for your effort already), then now would be a good time to have a Coaching Exploration call (consultation session) to see if we’ll be a good fit and to customize your coaching journey.

I look forward to hearing from you and would be honoured to be your life coach!

Guy Reichard, MBA, MCC-candidate
Certified Professional Life & Executive Coach

Click if you want to book a consultation call (coaching exploration session) with Executive Life Coach Guy Reichard

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