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How Are You Going to Finish? Holiday Message for My Valued Clients

How Are You Going to Finish? Holiday Message for My Valued Clients

Endings Matter More Than Beginnings

What a strange feeling – to arrive at the end of the year again, seemingly so quickly, but on reflection, realizing that so much has really transpired. So many moments, so many experiences.

What were your highlights of 2016? What were the most meaningful moments? What were a few moments you’d rather not think about or repeat? They’re all important to reflect on as they have important lessons for us and will guide our decisions in the year ahead.

How we finish anything, how we complete a project, a job, a relationship, even a year, matters in the long run. “An event makes its mark in our memories more by what happens at its end than at any prior point,” says Daniel Kahneman, psychologist and Nobel Memorial Prize winner. (See this article on my site from a few years ago for more on the importance of endings – Happy Endings).

Are you gonna finish strong?

If you can, I invite you to watch this moving and inspiring presentation by Nick Vujicic. Many of you have probably seen the edited ‘highlights’ version of this talk, which he gave to a group of high school students but you probably didn’t see the whole thing.

I have three suggestions – watch it sooner than later, watch the whole thing, and don’t just watch this man talking to kids, be the kid watching and listening to this man with your heart wide open.

With only days left in 2016, no matter how many times you’ve fallen, how many times you’ve missed the mark, how many times you’ve judged yourself or others harshly, how many times you held back your true feelings, how many times you failed to honor your values, how many times you went too far, you can still finish strong and give with your whole heart, not just to others but to yourself as well, especially to yourself.

In closing, I send you my heartfelt gratitude for blessing me with your trust and cooperation in helping you grow and shape your lives in meaningful and fulfilling ways. It means the world to me. Thank you so much.

I wish you the happiest holiday season and look forward to hearing from you and working together in 2017!

With love & gratitude,


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