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She Has Risen: A Story of Triumph

She Has Risen: A Story of Triumph

I want to share a story about personal Triumph.

Nearly two years ago, I had the honor and pleasure of working with a client who had a dream in her heart and soul to write a book. Her name is Tanya Sood.

She had this dream for 18 years at the time we first met, when she came for coaching. (We actually never met in person, we worked together by phone for about 6-7 months.)

She said this dream of hers was burning a hole in her heart. She had a message to get out and just couldn’t let it out.

The dream she kept putting off, denying, dismissing, and resisting kept coming back to her. She tried to let it go but it wouldn’t let go of her. Whoever has experienced this kind of self denial, knows the pain and torment it can bring.

She yearned to write ‘that damn book’ and she knew, in part, what it was going to be about but she never felt ready or confident or good enough to get down to it and work on it.

Though she wrote for others in her communications role, and wrote speeches that earned the speakers standing ovations, she still didn’t own her gift or use it for herself.

We didn’t make the book the sole (soul?) focus of her coaching. There was other work to do and she was ready for it. A lot of it had to do with remembering who she really was, reconnecting with her values, facing and embracing fear, recognizing and owning her gifts, strengths and purpose (and divine feminine wisdom), and being able to share them freely with the world, no matter what would come of it!

Within just a few months of working together, she decided to take some time off work and write her ass off. Not months later but after one week, she got a huge chunk of it down in writing.

I’ve never seen someone come back to life like that, so quickly and so heroically. It was EPIC!

She was on fire and though she went back to work, she continued writing her heart out, and in what seemed like a few weeks, I had a copy of her book in my inbox!

It could have ended there, but it didn’t. Some people could have tried to convince themselves they were satisfied that the book was done, and getting it published and in peoples’ hands wasn’t really necessary (ah the lies we tell ourselves). But not this courageous soul. She was on to interviewing and hiring a professional editor, and discovering the ins and outs of traditional and self publishing.

Our work came to a close and we stayed in touch once in a while. Then I got an edited copy, and soon after, an invitation!

On November 14th, 2017, we met in person for the first time at her Book Launch Party! I was so proud of her and so honored to be a part of her Triumph.

It was a triumph of the most important kind – triumph of love over fear, soul over ego, purpose and passion over practicality, and truth over lies (the ones we tell ourselves).

The book itself is incredible and I’ve already shared it with some very important people in my life. Her message is about resurrecting Divine Feminine wisdom and power, and she shares it in an enthusiastic, audacious, bold, vivacious and heart-warming way.

It’s called, “She Has Risen: Resurrect Your Divine Feminine Wisdom and Celebrate Your Miraculous Girly Bits”. Chances are high that you’ve never read a book like it – one written with such authenticity, courage, grace, wisdom, and side-splitting humor!

I highly recommend the book to both women and men (we may not have miraculous girly bits but we can benefit just as much as anyone by reconnecting with Divine Feminine wisdom and power).

I also want to mention that I’m in the book – our work is in the book – and I have to say how humbled and honored I am. No one has ever been that generous and gracious to me in my whole life, except my own mother. This is a testament to her character and her spirit.

Congratulations Tanya! And thank you! You are an inspiration to me and I wish you abundant success and fulfillment. You deserve every bit of it!

Get it on Amazon, Indigo, and in bookstores.


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