Coaching Intensives

Together, We'll Find a Way Through!

Life Coaching Intensives:

When You Need Clarity, Guidance & Support RIGHT NOW

Is there a situation in your life that you’ve been struggling with? Has it been causing pressure, stress, confusion and a slew of other negative emotions?

Are you feeling stuck? Lost? Frustrated? Maybe even scared?

Are you constantly doubting yourself and can’t seem to get clear about what you truly want or how you’re going to make it through this challenging time? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a maze and have tried every option to get out but nothing seems to work?

Perhaps it’s not as drastic or heavy as that but you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t thinking of getting some outside help. You appreciate the concept of coaching and understand that lasting, fulfilling change takes time but you just can’t wait – you need perspective, clarity, direction and strength now.

Life Coaching Intensives are designed to help you when you need to take a step forward ASAP and it just can’t wait any longer because something’s gotta give, you’re hanging on by a thread and that’s no way to live.

When you feel stuck, lost, or immobilized and it’s causing severe effects on your personal and/or professional life and you need to access your Best Self so you can take a step forward in a positive direction, consider a coaching intensive.

Coaching Intensives Help You:

  • Get Focused
  • Get Clear
  • Embrace a New Empowering Perspective
  • See the Big Picture & The Meaning of This Situation
  • Understand What Matters Most to You
  • Choose & Decide What You Ultimately Want and Would Serve Your Highest Good
  • Gain Power Around Your Choice
  • Plan Out Your Immediate Next Steps
  • Gather Support & Resources to Help You Stay On Your Path
  • Learn Methods to Ground Yourself In Your Strength and Stay Focused in Your Intention
  • Take Away Positive Practices That Will Increase Your Ability to Stay True to Your Best Self
  • Learn to Avoid Getting in Your Own Way and Falling Back Into Old Patterns
  • Find Relief Knowing That You’re Doing Your Best & You Will Make It Through This!

Here are a variety of Situations & Needs that Coaching Intensives are designed for:

  • Overcoming Overwhelm & Regaining Your Composure/Presence
  • A Major Transition is Upon You or was just forced on you – in a relationship or at work
  • You Feel Lost or Stuck and extremely frustrated, anxious, sad or angry
  • Too Much is Happening All At Once & you’re losing yourself
  • Something’s Gotta Give – you know something has to change now
  • Feeling Buried in Quicksand and every move you make makes it worse
  • Immense Pressure & Stress at work or at home and it’s ruining the other
  • Everything’s Falling Apart
  • Need a Sense of Purpose & Direction
  • Need to Reconnect With Your Best Self
  • Need to Learn Better Coping Skills to get through a tough time

Do any of the above situations or needs describe where you’re at?

If so, and you just can’t consider going the traditional coaching route (3-6 months) and you need immediate perspective, guidance and support, then consider a coaching intensive.

Coaching Intensives are like a Private, 1-on-1, Experiential & Interactive Workshop

Here’s how they work:

  • We’ll book a date for your Intensive within the next two weeks (I only offer two intensive days each month, so book quickly)
  • You will complete the Initial Pre-Session Reflective Questionnaire/s
  • We’ll meet on Zoom for 3 hours and we’ll go deep, get clear and get real, and gain access to your deepest self
  • Our time will consist of centering exercises, teaching points, reflective work and coaching conversations designed to support your highest good to help you maintain presence, clarity, courage and commitment
  • You’ll learn at least one method to get out of your own way (ego/doubt/fear/worry/anxiety/self-limiting-behaviors)
  • You’ll walk away with a choice & intention you’re committed to and accountable for and will feel more confident to move forward
  • You’ll take those steps in your life and we’ll have a 1-hour follow up call to debrief and distill the learning you’ve experienced, to celebrate your achievement of moving forward and how to stay on track (we can also talk about continuing to work together long term once you’re feeling ready).

Concepts or Teaching Points We Might Cover Depending On Your Situation

  • Awareness / Consciousness / Mindfulness / Presence
  • Your True Natural Self & Your Ego (aka Gremlin, Inner Critic, Saboteur, Tyrant, Nag, etc.)
  • The Freedom of Choice
  • What Makes Up Our Reality – Beliefs, Assumptions, Perception, Attention, Our Story
  • Life Purpose
  • States, Mindsets, Attitudes, Moods
  • The Power of Intention
  • Stress Overload and Positive Renewal
  • The Art of Possibility & Shifting Perspectives
  • Emotional Hijacking, Flooding & Losing ‘It’
  • Our Patterns & Running on Autopilot
  • Meditation, Yoga, Centering
  • Positive Psychology Principles & Practices
  • Our Deepest Values – What Matters Most
  • Your Relationship with Fear, Doubt, Worry, Anxiety
  • Nothing and No One Is Perfect
  • Self Acceptance, Self Worth, Self Care
  • Setting Boundaries Clearly & Confidently

For each of these concepts, you will get a general and practical understanding as it relates to your situation and then we’ll do a specific exercise or activity to go beyond intellectual understanding into deep and meaningful lessons you will take with you to support you on your path.

How, When, Where, How Much?

If you’re truly interested and feel that a Life Coaching Intensive would help you, please fill in the form below and we’ll schedule a clarity call (consultation) to see if an Intensive is right for you and if we’ll make a good fit. These aren’t suited for everybody – for most, the traditional coaching approach is the best way to go but we’ll decide that together on our call.

If we do choose to work together, we’ll book a date and after paying a deposit, you will receive an email package containing the files you need to work on right away.

We’ll meet on Zoom on the day of and we’ll take it from there.

Total Cost including 1-Hour Follow Up Call and Taxes:

Regular Price: $1130-CAD

Now Only $904

Signing Up for a Coaching Consultation / Exploration Session

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