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If you’ve found the content on this site resonates with you and you like what you hear, that’s a really great sign that we’ll be a good fit! All I ask is that you please read this page fully and then I encourage you to register for a coaching exploration call (a consultation)!

If you haven’t read a thing yet and landed right on this page, please take a few minutes to read this pageWhat Is Coaching? or this page – Life Coaching Service to get know what you can expect from working together. I work with people who aren’t afraid to invest time to learn and prepare themselves, especially for what will be an important commitment.

If you’ve done that and are ready to reserve your spot, I would be truly honored to spend some time with you. We can get to know each other a little more personally, and we’ll start with the basics:

  • Who are you?
  • What brings you to coaching?
  • What do you really want? What do you want to create or change in your life? & Why Do You Want It?
  • What are biggest challenges, problems & obstacles you face? Externally? Internally?
  • How have you tried to break through those obstacles and challenges? Or what do you do instead?

On this call, I’ll guide the process and you show up as fully as you can – the more honest and real you can be, the more we’ll see if we’ll be a good fit. The better the fit, the more we can assure you will get what you want and need out of coaching.

There’s no further obligation or any cost for this session – it could even help you with a real issue your facing – and if this is our only time together, I would know I served my purpose and that’s to serve people the best way I can.

Any Conditions or Terms?

The simple answer is YES. Please only fill out the consultation request below if you’re seriously considering coaching. If you’re not, and just want to see what it’s all about, please read all the content I’ve prepared on this site and the blog and then, if you’re still interested, please book a time for yourself!

And – please only book a consultation for yourself. Please do not book a consultation to speak with me about coaching your spouse or a child or a friend. My suggestion is to bring it up with them and send them a link to my site and let them decide for themselves. If your main concern is about someone you care about, then consider coaching for yourself and share with them how incredible it is – they’re more likely to consider your suggestion to get a coach if you have one yourself.

What do you have to lose?

Searching for a coach is a great first step towards a new approach to living your life and creating a meaningful and fulfilling future. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Remember, this a free call and there are no obligations. I won’t send you any spammy emails trying to convince you to work with me either.

A little nervous?

If you’re a little nervous, that’s good! It might actually be excitement and not fear. A sense that you really want this and are just resisting it. I assure you there is nothing to fear from one talk together and so much to be excited about!

I’m  looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Here’s to first steps, and hopefully to many many more,

Guy Reichard
Coach & Mentor
Dissolving Limits. Expanding Possibilities!

Signing Up for a Coaching Consultation / Strategy Session

I really want to speak with you and start working together, so please take this appointment seriously and make a sincere commitment. If you miss it and didn’t cancel it with 2-days notice, I do offer a second chance – but it will cost $200+tax.

Click below to read instructions:

Signup Instructions

Step 1: Select the Service you’re inquiring about (Life Coaching or Executive Coaching) from the drop-down menu, the page will refresh, then scroll down again to the calendar.

Step 2: Select the Day of the Month to reveal times that are available for that day (or click Next Month to view more options).

Step 3: Select the Time of Day you’d like your session – these are in Eastern Time (Toronto) and you will be calling me at 905-508-6008.

Step 4: Fill out the form with your Full Name, Phone, Email and add in any background info you’d like to share with me.

Step 5: Submit your request.

Step 6: I will approve your appointment as soon as possible (could be several hours or overnight if you’re filling this out late) and you will get a ‘request to confirm’ message with the details you submitted.

Once you get an email from me, please reply back letting me know you got it and commit to the session. Please check your SPAM FOLDER! Or add to your safe list.

Step 7: You’ll get a reminder about the session a day or two before your call, but it helps to put it in your schedule right away so you don’t forget! And remember, times are in Eastern Standard Time and you will be calling me at your appointment time.(have I said that a few times already? Ask me why on our call!)

That’s it! Now just honor your commitment, give me a call, and I’ll guide the way!

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