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As a professionally trained & certified life coach in Toronto (9+ years), and someone who deeply cares about helping people grow & flourish, I work one-on-one with men & women who are ready for a significant change in their lives. People who care about and want the following:

  • To improve the quality of their lives in meaningful ways,
  • To have a stronger sense of life purpose and direction,
  • To be more authentic & honour who they really are,
  • To reduce stress & take back control of their lives (inner & outer),
  • To have more balance among their many priorities,
  • To improve their relationships with others & themselves or
    get into a meaningful relationship,
  • To have a stronger, closer, richer family life,
  • To discover & overcome whatever is holding them back
    from being, doing, feeling or having all that they truly desire and deserve.

life coach helping handsHaving a life coach is like having a partner completely dedicated to helping you improve your life. As a life coach, I believe that every person is completely unique in every way: who they are, what they want, what they value, and what challenges or obstacles stand in their way. Because of this, and because the coaching approach can help so many people in so many different situations, it’s a difficult task to pinpoint exactly what you will get from coaching on this one page.

What I’d like you to consider or focus on as you read this page is the reason that prompted you to find a coach or learn more about coaching today. There may be some situations below that apply to you and others that don’t. Hold on to the ones that mean something to you and know up front, that coaching is completely customized to you and aims to help you define, clarify and achieve meaningful changes in your life over a relatively short period of time.

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Below are a variety of situations or reasons why people come to coaching and what they get out of it.


Reasons to Get a Coach

How Coaches Help

BreakthroughsYou feel stuck, stifled or even imprisoned in your life right nowBreak through the barriers to personal happiness and get in flow with life again
Confiding You feel like you’re alone with your problems and can’t talk to anybody or that no one can helpHave someone actively listen to you with compassion but without judgment or attachment and help you create your own solutions
Self DiscoveryYou don’t have a goal right now or know what you really want but you know something must changeHelp you discover who you really are and what changes will make the biggest impact on your life
Life PurposeYou feel like your life got away from you and has little purpose or meaning even though you may be successful in everyone else’s eyesDiscover your true purpose and learn ways to infuse your life with rich meaning and fulfillment
Becoming YouYou feel like you lost yourself somewhere along the wayFind or reinvent yourself so you can become the person you always wanted to be (that is who you truly are)
Career ChangeYou don’t like or you may even hate your job or career but feel stuck and without any choices or new paths to pursueHelp you apply your true purpose and the unique strengths & gifts you have so you can build a plan to change career paths or simply enjoy the career you have a lot more
Life BalanceYou find it hard to cope with life’s demands and obligationsLearn new and more effective ways to cope with stress and how to balance your priorities
Keeping CommitmentsYou know what you need to do but you struggle with making decisions &/or commitmentsHelp you make value-based decisions and powerful commitments that you keep
Emotional ResilienceYou feel overwhelmed, confused, angry or anxious but aren’t sure whyUnderstand your emotions and learn ways to keep yourself feeling clear, confident and at peace
RelationshipsYour relationships are not satisfying or are in severe turmoilTake responsibility for your half of the relationship and bring your best self and new approaches to improving your relationships
Reconnecting with Your SpiritYou feel like you have no emotion left, empty or unfulfilledGet in touch with your spirit and fully appreciate and enjoy the true gifts your that come from living from the heart
Inner CriticMental Monsters & other self-critical, painful patterns draining youTeach you methods that work to manage your mind & do what matters

The Benefits of Working With a Life Coach

The list above showed you some of the ways a life coach helps people. What I’d like to share with you now is a list of benefits or outcomes that people enjoy because they worked with a coach. Try to imagine yourself having more of the following in your life. What would that mean to you? How would your life be different?

  • Know who you really are and what makes you happy, at peace & fulfilled,
  • Have increased confidence & self esteem,
  • Have more courage, self trust & truly believe in yourself,
  • Have more focus and clarity about what’s important to you,
  • Accelerate and deepen your personal and spiritual growth,
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, fears or mindsets that are holding you back,
  • Tap into your inner wisdom and unique strengths,
  • Have more balance, control & power in your life,
  • Have more passion, enthusiasm and joy,
  • Increase your ability & flexibility to change,
  • Be more authentic & feel completely free to be yourself,
  • Develop stronger presence and more resilience,
  • Live more from the heart in more areas of your life,
  • Feel more love in your life – for yourself & others.

Do any of the above move you or at least spark your curiosity and you want to know more? I truly hope so. (Can you tell I’m passionate about coaching?)

coaching consultation toronto

The Focus of Your Coaching
Customized for You In the Moment

Whatever you wish to focus on is completely up to you. You can start off wanting to handle a major crisis, challenge or dilemma in your life and once you are feeling better, we can move on to other areas of your life that matter. Or, we can start off with something less challenging and work up to the bigger changes in life as you gain more trust in me, in coaching and most importantly, in yourself.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Except for a few different exercises, models and tools, the coaching process is the same for everybody, because it’s always customized to you, as the process unfolds. We start off by honing in on a focus, goal or outcome you want to achieve, and if that changes over time as you grow more self aware, that’s perfectly ok.

At any time, in any session, you can bring any topic, issue, challenge, idea or event you want to work on together – to get clear – get a new perspective – to have a sounding board and to help you make a choice and commitment about how you are going to move forward.

I will help you gain the clarity and confidence to make your own intentional choices and once you do, the ball is in your court. You learn to become more accountable to yourself – to take all the awareness and insights you have gained and to do something meaningful about it.

The commitments you make and the steps you take in your life are even more important than the insights gained or the support experienced during a coaching session. Life is where you will learn to trust yourself. Without taking any steps or honoring your commitments, you won’t be doing yourself or coaching any justice. You must take action, reflect on your experience, and distill an important lesson to help you keep moving towards a richer and more fulfilling life.

The Coaching Investment

What is it worth to you to improve your life? When is enough improvement and growth enough? Only you can be the judge of that.

In terms of costs, prepare to invest anywhere from $1,500 for a short coaching engagement to $3,000 for a longer journey, or somewhere in between, depending on the frequency and duration of the sessions.

Together we will personalize a custom-tailored approach for your personal needs where the amount, frequency and length of each session will be designed in a way that you get the support you need to reach your goals and grow.  I know that coaching will make a significant difference in your life but the investment isn’t just a financial one. You will need to invest time for the sessions themselves and in between sessions to reflect and do your own personal ‘work’.

Life Coaching PackagesWe can discuss all the details in your free session & coaching consultation and by the end of it, I will be able to prepare a package that is just right for you to get started. Or, you can have a look at this page for a few possible coaching packages and fees that may work for you.

There’s no maximum defined length of a coaching relationship. As long as it’s helping you move forward in your life and you feel better about yourself and your accomplishments, you may find you want to continue working together about once a month after our initial engagement.

You will not be locked into any contracts and there’s no fine print. The choice is always yours.

You can pay by cheque, e-transfer, or credit card (via paypal). If you wish to stop coaching altogether after a month you already paid for has begun, your unused time from that month will be refunded.

The Value of Coaching

You create the ultimate value when you commit to the process and begin to make meaningful changes in your life. When you begin to have shifts in the way you think and the way you feel, when you begin to feel happier, freer and more purposeful, you will see it’s very hard to put a price on that but I assure you it is worth every penny and every minute of effort.

Interested? How Do You Start?

Perhaps the words on this page, one of the coaching packages, or something about me resonates with you. If life coaching sounds like an approach you’re willing to try and you’re interested in a consultation session with me, there are a few suggestions I’d like to make to ensure our time is well-spent, but the choice is yours.

Please read the pages in the ‘What is Coaching‘ section, as well as, one or more articles in the Breakthroughs Blog, because many of your possible questions may be answered there already and I want the people who connect with me to be as informed as possible.

If you’ve done that already, then now would be a good time to get a complimentary coaching consultation session to see if we’ll be a good fit and to customize your coaching journey.

coaching consultation toronto

I look forward to hearing from you and would be honoured to be your life coach!

Guy Reichard
Certified Personal Life Coach
Toronto, Canada

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