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Professional & Personal Alignment

As a professionally certified executive coach, and owner of a business or two over the last 20 years, I collaborate with executives, small business owners, professionals & aspiring entrepreneurs on a deep, personal and meaningful level. This isn’t your typical ‘professional’ relationship and I’m not your typical coach.

Though executive coaching has a major focus on business, and is tied to performance and results, this type of coaching is all about being successful on a multidimensional, holistic scale. It’s about personal growth, presence, authenticity, purpose and fulfillment. What is professional success worth if it cannot be enjoyed on a personal level? Or worse, what is it worth if it erodes some of the things you value most?

Many people are struggling and suffering from a lack of alignment and balance in their lives. They’ve lost touch with their core values or never had clarity about them in the first place. There comes a time in a person’s life and career, when they need to stop, take stock, reevaluate their priorities and their path – perhaps even find a new sense of purpose and meaning.

The Gift of Coaching

Many organizations these days are giving their leaders an incredible gift, a gift in the form of coaching. The gift of coaching benefits more than just the organization, it benefits the individual on a personal level and it also benefits everyone that person is connected to – their coworkers, their clients, their families & friends, everyone. If you’re reading this page for someone in your organization, know that I’m writing directly to that person but I acknowledge you for considering sponsoring someone valuable in your company.

The Whole Person – Authentic Empowerment

As human beings, we are more than just our logical, business minds. We are mind, body, emotions & spirit. As much as one may try to succeed, increased results and better performance will not make a lasting difference to anyone unless their work and achievements are aligned with their core values and authentic self. Therefore, one’s personal life can’t be taken out of the equation. What’s going on for us in our personal lives significantly affects our work, our performance, our leadership, and our presence on the job. Bottom line: coaching is for the whole person – you – and it’s about empowering your authentic self.

Every person is completely unique – who we are at our core, our experiences, our strengths and talents, how we think and feel, what truly drives us, what inevitably holds us back time after time. One type of training or development cannot be all things to all people.

Coaching, however, is not training – it is a way for a person to become more self aware and supported to realize/actualize their full potential as a human being. It is a process and relationship, and a way for us to learn how to reconnect with the best in us, what’s truly in our hearts, and learn to leverage our unique strengths, experience, expertise and wisdom in ways that contribute to extraordinary, meaningful and fulfilling results in our personal and professional lives and to those whose lives we influence and impact.

Who I Work With

I work one on one with individuals who are:

  • Small to Medium-Sized Business owners,
  • Executives & Emerging Leaders within an organization,
  • Professionals wanting to start a business with purpose or pursue a meaningful career transition.

The type and style of coaching I offer here is for those who wish to:

  • Create meaningful changes in their personal & professional lives,
  • Have more purpose & experience more fulfillment in what they do,
  • Learn to balance work and life more effectively and honor their most important values,
  • Have more personal freedom, resilience, inner peace & contentment,
  • Be more focused, effective & productive each day,
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm and take back control of their lives,
  • Be their authentic selves more often, with more people, in more contexts,
  • Develop greater presence and make a greater impact.
  • Make a bigger difference through their work & in their world,
  • Be a more confident, inspiring & powerful leader,
  • Fulfill their authentic purpose and potential in business & in life.

How Coaching Helps

Whether you are giving yourself the gift of coaching or a member of your organization, having an executive coach is like having a dedicated partner helping you enrich and enjoy all parts of your life, not only maximize your success in business or how far up the ladder you go.

I am not here to teach or train anyone on the latest strategies in management, operations or sales – that isn’t what a coach does. Even when I can train you in one area of your business (e.g. digital marketing or branding), I won’t – I’ll help you get clear on what you need to learn and then develop a learning plan with you, that you will fulfill as part of your commitment to learning and growth.

As a coach, the genuine me, I believe that you have most of the answers you need within you or you can generate them on your own and you don’t need anyone telling you how you should run your business, do your job or raise your family. I am here to help you discover and tap into your heart and source of inner wisdom, your authentic self, and apply the power that that rich wisdom possesses into your daily life so you can ultimately create more fulfilling and meaningful results and be a more positive influence.

I tend to go against the grain and oppose conforming to unfair or outdated systems and ideology, so I can be more on-side with what really matters – humanity flourishing. What this means is that you will know and trust I have your back and I’m on your side to help you flourish.

There are unlimited benefits to collaborating with a business or executive coach and the following is a list of the top themes covered in coaching. Consider yourself or members of your organization when you review this list and envision how the following will contribute to overall success, professionally and personally:

Increasing Self Awareness Personal Growth & Mastery
Inspirational Leadership Compelling Communication
Emotional Intelligence Fostering Trust
Evoking Excellence Defining Values to Live & Work by
Authentic Presence & Power Powerful Choices & Commitments
Having a Deeper Purpose Harnessing Inner Wisdom
Increasing Accountability Creating Meaningful Goals
Enhancing Learning/Development Appreciative Collaboration
Work-Life Balance Personal Resilience
Achieving Personal Breakthroughs Overcoming Barriers & Limitations
Improving Relationships Increasing Personal Productivity
Motivation & Drive Problem Resolution
Meaningful Contribution Establishing & Respecting Boundaries

Coaching Is Customized Your Deepest Needs & Aspirations

Whatever the focus of coaching is about, whether it be about purpose, leadership, influence, emotional intelligence, stress management, business growth, personal mastery, balance or anything else important to your overall success, the choice is always completely up to you.

Except for a few different exercises, models and tools, the coaching process is the same – because it’s a process & relationship that’s customized to you as you progress through the coaching journey. Of course, we’ll start off designing a growth path that feels right for you and we’ll keep aiming for it as long as it serves you.

At any time, in any session, you can bring any topic, challenge, problem, idea or situation you want to work on – to get clear on, gain a new perspective and to have a sounding board. I will help you explore new options and possibilities and commit to the choice you resolve to make as you increase your levels of self-awareness, creativity, resourcefulness, personal accountability & self leadership.

I will help you gain the confidence & trust in your own unique decision-making process. You will learn to take all the awareness and insights you have gained about your values & priorities and do something meaningful about it. I will help you to Be The Change You Wish To See In The World!

Just in case….

If experience tells me anything, you might be considering coaching now because you’re not in a great place and something’s gotta give. Either your world of work is impacting your personal life – or your personal life is affecting you at work – or both. We’ll get through it together and we’ll take the time and energy needed upfront to bring you back into balance, perspective and strength. Then, when you’re ready, we can get to work on all the rest that’s important to you.

The Coaching Investment

I recommend committing to a minimum of 12 coaching sessions in bi-weekly intervals over a period of 6 months (ideally 24 sessions over 12 months) and I am sure you will see that coaching has made a significant difference in your business & your life.

If you wish to continue – there is no defined length of a coaching engagement. If it’s working for you and you found this approach helps you do what you couldn’t do before, let’s keep working together.

Since coaching is so customized to the individual, a custom tailored package will be created after we have an introductory session. Coaching packages start at about $3,000. If you wish to sponsor someone in your organization, please contact me to discuss this so we can ensure there is optimal alignment and a good fit.

How Do You Start?

If this sounds like an approach you wish to pursue, now would be a good time to secure a Free Coaching Consultation & Strategy Session or contact me so I can answer any of your questions. If you wish to learn more about me, my background and why I became a coach, click here.

If you have not yet explored the rest of this site and the Breakthroughs Blog, please do so as it will inform you about the type, style and content of the coaching I do (see the menus to the right).

I look forward to hearing from you and would be honoured to be your coach!

Guy Reichard
Certified Executive Coach
Toronto, Canada

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