Friends etc.

Friends, Colleagues, Clients etc.

Here is a list of links to the websites of family, friends and clients who I love and trust and wish to share with you.

Coaching & Personal Development – life coach & spiritual coach helps people create happiness in their lives through self discovery and shifts in perspective. – leadership coach with a passion for guiding people through change, provides individual and team coaching. – helping people master the art, heart & science of coaching so they don’t just ‘do coaching’ they ‘become coaches’. – a personal development website full of resources on every imaginable area of self growth.

Health & Wellness– Reiki Master & spiritual guide with a passion for facilitating & encouraging healing on many levels tapping people into the positive emotion of hope (she is also my wife 🙂 )– Reiki Master and teacher with a special gift for intuitive understanding and healing – renowned acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, researcher & advocate of alternative health & wellness – combines yoga and spinning for people of all ages with a special focus on living authentically


Mortgages/Finance/Insurance – a trusted mortgage broker, financial advisor, insurance guru

Travel & Accommodations – Vacation Rental in Puerto Vallarta Mexico – Special Event Venue in Guadalajara Mexico


More to come soon!

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