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SELF AWARENESS. SELF CONFIDENCE. UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. Coaching is about becoming more self aware, opening up a world of new choices and possibilities available to you, and building your level of self confidence and personal courage. You will discover your authentic self and learn to lead your life in ways that bring you the most happiness and fulfillment.
What Coaching Is & Why It Works

Personal Growth Life Coach

DISCOVER & BE YOUR BEST SELF If you want to improve your life in meaningful ways, overcome the barriers holding you back from personal happiness, improve your relationships, reduce stress, increase your confidence and self esteem, become more authentic, have more energy, more inner peace, and a lot more living in your life, then consider my life coaching services.
Life Coaching Services

Authentic Empowerment Executive Coach

FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL & EXECUTIVE EXCELLENCE If you want to master your inner game in life & in business so you can be more effective & productive each day; reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm; make a meaningful difference in the lives of those you work with & serve; have more balance, control & freedom in your life, then consider my personal business coaching services.
Executive Coaching Services

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GOT YOUR MESSAGE. I’M HERE TO HELP. Are you interested in coaching but not sure if you’re ready? Want to learn more about how coaching works? Or more about me to see if we’d be a good fit? Would a sample coaching experience help you decide? What’s with all the questions? Hey, I’m a coach, that’s my job!
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Welcome to Coaching Breakthroughs

Are You Ready to Dissolve Any Limits Holding You Back,
to Expand All Possibilities Available To You, and
to Live An Authentic, Meaningful & Purposeful Life?
If so, I’d be honored to support you as your coach!

What Is Coaching?

Questions to spark awareness
Want to learn more about life coaching and how it helps people just like you?

Is Coaching For You?

The Coaching Process

What you think about you feel about
How does coaching start? How long do you need a coach? Where is coaching done?

What Happens?

How We Change

Become more mindful & intentional. Stop repeating old patterns. Strengthen confidence & self trust.

Want to Know More?

Raising Your Level of Consciousness & Self Belief for Personal & Professional Transformation

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. ” ~ Carl Jung

Are you ready for a personal breakthrough in your life? Are you ready to ask for help?

There must be at least one area of your life (personal, business, relationships, money, health, etc.) where you want to see a dramatic change for the better or you wouldn’t be here. Whether you’re wanting to:

  • discover your life purpose,
  • change career paths,
  • start a new business or improve an existing one,
  • improve your relationships,
  • achieve work/life balance and learn to manage your daily stressors in ways that work best for you,
  • create more inner peace, fulfillment, happiness & enthusiasm,
  • raise self-esteem and build confidence,
  • communicate more effectively and honestly with others,
  • overcome self-limiting beliefs, mindsets and behaviours, getting in your way,
  • transform negative self-talk that causes stress, worry, anxiety, frustration & guilt into positive & constructive self-affirming ways of thinking and feeling, or;
  • simply to discover your authentic self and experience the true power that comes from being true to yourself, so you can attract what you really want in life.

So what is a breakthrough anyway?

A breakthrough is what seems like a sudden shift in awareness – a new ‘knowing’ – a moment when everything that was once confusing, or hidden from consciousness, explodes into your awareness. You suddenly see yourself or your situation in a new light, and with that comes a sense of peace, excitement and a knowing that everything’s going to work out. Breakthroughs in self-awareness bring so many gifts and coaching is a way to help you have more breakthrough shifts in your life.

Life and business coaching, as tools for your own personal development, also help you build the muscles of commitment and self accountability. With someone standing along your side, acknowledging your strengths, and reminding you of your commitments, you will leverage your new insights and craft your life in a way that is in complete alignment with your vision, values, goals and desires. Don’t know your highest vision or deepest values or your most fulfilling goals? Then, let’s get started. It’s not about motivating you or pushing you to get things done, it’s about helping you strengthen your belief in yourself and overcome self-limiting and defeating beliefs, mindsets and behaviour patterns. It’s about building courage, facing your fears and going after what you truly want so you can live the life you deserve and be who you were meant to be.

Acknowledgments from my partners


“Personal Freedom”

“After 20 plus years in the corporate world I had decided that I had enough and I began exploring ideas for a small business…I have gained clarity on what is important, which has unquestionably helped me with launching a business. I would recommend Guy to help manage the self-doubt and inner critic. At the very least, you might learn to live a little…” Rob Meehan, Mexico Real Estate Entrepreneur


“Fear Has Been Lost”

“…I now hold a sense of “knowing” that all my goals are happening, and the process is something to embrace, reflect on and enjoy. I truly believe that the inner work that I have done with Guy has changed my life for the better in so many ways. My focus and drive for my chosen career has soared and fear has been lost…” Andreia Horta, Naturopathic Doctor Toronto, Canada


“Changed My Life”

“During a dark period in my life, Guy listened patiently, guided me on the right path, and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Most importantly, he believed in me when no one else did. He’s been an amazing coach and friend; I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.” Helena Liu, Consultant/Entrepreneur Toronto, Canada

Welcome to Coaching

Welcome to Coaching Breakthroughs

Thank you for visiting Coaching Breakthroughs of Toronto (Richmond Hill actually). My name is Guy Reichard, and I invite you to explore this growing website to learn more about coaching and personal growth. I am a professionally trained and certified executive life coach and personal growth coach who works with a wide variety of unique people with one main thing in common – their desire and yearning to create a meaningful life with more purpose, fulfillment and possibilities.

Through deep and meaningful coaching conversations & exercises that tap you in to your inner wisdom, that already has the answers, I will help you create the life you’ve always wanted to live but didn’t realize or believe was possible for you. As a coach, I help people create happier, more balanced and more fulfilling lives.

I embrace a holistic approach to coaching – working on all areas of a person’s life that require support and growth – mind, emotions, spirit, relationships, career, purpose, leadership and more. My purpose is to help as many people as I can to awaken to their true essence and create the lives they were meant to live – living with more authenticity, passion, purpose, inner peace and limitless possibilities.

My intention is to be a supportive catalyst of new breakthroughs, new achievements and new ways of creating fulfillment & authentic happiness in your life. I developed this site to help you learn all about personal coaching and growth, and have divided it into two main sections:

1) The Coaching Website:

2) The Breakthroughs Blog:

  • learn about personal development & self growth;
  • read insights and reflections across many themes and categories of life;
  • become inspired and motivated to learn and grow;
  • interact by sharing your comments and personal reflections; and,
  • enjoy a few breakthrough moments of your own along the way.

Please explore the site and take your time with the pages, articles and exercises included in some of the blog posts. Feel free to interact with me by posting comments on the posts that interest you. Then, when you feel ready, I encourage you to request a complimentary consultation and sample session.  

ICF PCC TORONTO COACHI am an Adler and ICF Certified Professional Life Coach & Personal Business Coach. I work most often with people in the Greater Toronto Area. However, I do have international clientele and provide coaching by phone and video-conferencing in case you are not in the Toronto area.

The Breakthroughs Blog


Here are a few samples from the blog. It’s more of a collection of essays and articles that help my clients learn important concepts and ideas than a usual blog. In other words, the posts are usually long and detailed, instead of short and sweet. Not everybody’s cup of tea but for those who like to dive deep and understand themselves, this might be for you.

Learn & Grow

Overcoming Overwhelm With Self-Care & Love

It’s relatively easy to get overwhelmed these days when the demands on us are never-ending, and the supply of what we have to give seems to be shrinking in proportion. It would be ideal to take a vacation or go on a retreat every time we get overwhelmed but ideal isn’t always real or practical. Perhaps you can take one day off to nurture yourself? Here’s a collection of some of my favorite, positive, loving, self care practices that I hope help you come back to yourself, and inspire you to make some important changes to how you’re living.

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Brene Brown: What We Can Learn From Vulnerability & Shame

Two words that most people like to avoid. It makes us sickly uncomfortable just thinking about them: vulnerability and shame. I found the following TED talks so inspiring, touching and meaningful and wanted to share them because they deserve to be heard (or watched). I trust that my clients, and hopefully random visitors to my site, will stumble upon this and get as much out of these talks as I did.

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Life Doesn’t Wait, So Quit Stalling and Start Living!

Life doesn’t wait. Like a river’s constant flow, it doesn’t wait for anyone’s permission or readiness but the invitation is there to jump, step or gracefully slide in at any time and ride the flow. Are you wanting to start something new, take a big leap, make a major transition or simply do one thing you know you’ve want to do but have been stalling on for a long time? And the more you stall, the more confused you get about wanting to take action?

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Taming Your Gremlin by Rick Carson: Book Recommendation

I highly recommend this book to all who feel plagued by the Gremlin within and would like to live their lives with more inner peace, mental clarity, more compassion to ourselves and others, and who would finally like to see what life can be like if we were our natural selves.

A special thanks and tons of admiration and respect for the author Rick Carson who has helped so many people throughout the world (including me) with his loving, compassionate and wise lessons.

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Finding Your Inner Voice & Learning to Trust It

You’ve probably heard it many times before – “trust your inner voice, it’s the voice of wisdom. It knows what’s best for you and if you only trust it, choices and decisions that seem difficult will answer themselves.” We’ve heard it expressed in other ways too: “follow your heart, it will never fail you”, or “trust your gut, it’s always right”. But it never seems as simple as they say. So you may wonder, are you missing something? Or are they all just full of it? Maybe it’s not a voice at all.

Read more to get a new perspective or sense of accessing your inner wisdom.

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The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle: Book Recommendation

Over the course of my conscious personal growth journey, whenever times got tough and I lost myself in fear or worry or even anger, I went back to this book to remember its lessons. This book changed the course and nature of my life and I hope it does the same for you.

It’s all about understanding and embracing the power that exists in the present moment and that most, if not all, of our ‘needless’ suffering comes from us identifying with our minds and living in a state of unconsciousness. Is that hard to hear? Welcome to your EGO. Are you ready for this book? If you’re reading this, I bet you are, so read on…

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Consciousness, Choice & Accountability

Every day is made up of 86,400 seconds. Each second is an opportunity to choose who you are Right Now. It’s a choice to stop reliving your past, to live in the present and to consciously create your future, moment by moment. It’s also a choice to give up your right to choose and let life take you where it may. It’s a choice you are accountable for.

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Find Your Center – Find Your Strength

Finding your Center means reconnecting with your true, inner self, the place within you that is calm, strong and unfaltering. Just a moment or two in this place is enough to regain the perspective you need to remember that everything is perfect, that you will handle all that needs to be handled, that you are doing your best, and that, is all you can ever do.

Learn more about finding peace and clarity within and get a few coaching tips to help you find your inner strength

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